Dear Friends Of Brillant,

Brillant curtain and carpet collections, with our knowledge of 3 generations and the latest technology carpet spread all over Turkey and the world with sales and after sales support with you . We offer our antibacterial, light, antiallergic and washable carpets to your liking with endless choice of patterns and colors.

Quality is a work of respect for humanity, nature and our customers. While providing our employees with healthy and legal working conditions, our main goal is to provide high quality products and fast service to deserve the trust of our customers.

Our factory, which is spread over an area of 15.000 m2, continues to grow with each passing day due to the interest from you in our products. We are honored to welcome you to see our newest products in our 3,200 m2 wide showroom in Hadımköy, Istanbul, where our company headquarters and product development department are located.

Sincerely Brillant Family